Protect Your Tank

Stop pesky animals from entering your propane tank lid, causing damage and endangering your family with the ProDomeSeal.


Long Lasting

Flexible rubber material is tough enough to resist UV rays as well as cracking in extreme temperatures for years.


For just $8.99 or less + free shipping, you can protect your tank (and your family!) from unexpected critters and pests.

Easy Installation

Easy is an understatement. ProDomeSeal can be installed in just a few seconds without any additional equipment.

No more unwanted critters in your tank

Imagine you walk out to your yard, slowly approaching the propane tank. As you reach out to lift the cover you know from previous experience that birds, wasps, and other small critters like to build their nest under this dome cover. Wouldn't it be great to reduce that risk of an unpleasant surprise? An easy to install, inexpensive solution to your unexpected propane tank surprises.

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Did you know?

The ProDomeSeal was designed and developed in Erie, PA to protect propane tank users from transmittable diseases carried by birds and in their droppings. It is our mission to provide a product that prevents dangerous diseases, while supporting American manufacturing.
Over 18,000 sold! Order yours today!

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  • The ProDomeSeal is an incredibly simple, useful and very affordable product that solves a real problem! Hats off to the team at ProDomeSeal.

    Max W., Pennsylvania
  • Now I don't have to worry about finding little critters when I go check my propane tank! The ProDomeSeal is a simple but great investment.

  • This totally stopped birds from making my propane tank their home. I wish I had this years ago.

    Catherine, Indiana
  • Great product to keep those pesky birds from making nests in the tank dome.

    Donald F., Kentucky

Installing the ProDomeSeal

Easy installation to solve the problem of birds nesting in your propane tank. Protect your tank and your family in just a few seconds.