About ProDomeSeal

propane tank without prodomeseal
installing the prodomeseal
propane tank with prodomeseal

Protect Your Tanks and Your Health

ProDomeSeal is a simple solution to a big problem for propane tanks and their owners. Too often birds nest below the tank lids. While this may seem adorable, according to the CDCP, there are over 60 transmittable diseases found in bird droppings. Out of those 60, 15 of them are potentially fatal!  

ProDomeSeal is a protective gasket/seal made to help prevent dangerous surprises when opening the dome on a propane tank. All ProDomeSeals are made in the USA. Composed of flexible rubber and plastic — which is durable under all types of weather conditions and will not readily deteriorate due to sunlight, ultraviolet light, and freezing conditions — the ProDomeSeal will last for years. 

No more disturbing or destroying nests when checking your propane level or filling your tank.

If you have any questions about ProDomeSeal, the installation process or how to purchase yours today, head over to our FAQ page!