Frequently Asked Questions about ProDomeSeal

We've compiled some of the most frequent questions people have when thinking about investing in a ProDomeSeal for their home or workplace all in one place to help you. 

Don't see your question answered here? Reach out to us! We're happy to answer any questions you may have and help you protect your propane tank.

Find Answers about ProDomeSeal

Q. What size propane tank will the ProDomeSeal fit?
A. The ProDomeSeal is designed to fit 250, 500, and 1000 gallon tanks with the standard access opening size of 3” wide and 4” high. If needed the ProDomeSeal can be easily trimmed to fit.
Q. What is the size of the tank cover?
A. The tank cover is 4 inches wide and 5 inches tall.
Q. What other sizes are available?
A. At this time, we offer the ProDomeSeal in one standard size, which fits about 95% of propane tank domes. We are currently working on additional sizes for the ProDomeSeal, as demand increases.
Q. What type of material is the ProDomeSeal made from?
A. The ProDomeSeal covers are made from a special polymer that is protected against UV light to help prevent fading over time; they will last for years and years, and will not crack, rust or rot. 

General Information Questions

Q. Will the ProDomeSeal protect the tank and regulator from the birds and mice nesting?
A. Yes, that's correct! The ProDomeSeal goes over the dome copper service line opening, eliminating the entry point for small critters protecting the regulator, valve, and fuel level gauge for ultimate protection.
Q. Is the ProDomeSeal a patented product?
A. The ProDomeSeal is currently Patent Pending.
Q. Where is the ProDomeSeal manufactured?
A. All ProDomeSeal propane tank covers are proudly made in the USA.
Q. Is the ProDomeSeal propane tank cover made from recycled material?
A. Yes. The ProDomeSeal is made from a 20% content of recycled material.

Learn More About Installation

Q. How difficult is it to install a ProDomeSeal propane tank cover?

A. The ProDomeSeal propane tank cover is very easy to install! Most installations can be done in less than 10 seconds. Check out this video to see how!

Q. Do you have to remove the ProDomeSeal in order to open the dome?
A. No, you don't need to remove the ProDomeSeal to open the dome. The ProDomeSeal is slotted for the service dome to slip in and out though for easy and quick access when checking propane levels or when the propane company needs to fill or service your tank.


How to Buy ProDomeSeal

Q. Where can I purchase a ProDomeSeal Propane Tank Cover?
A. You can purchase a ProDomeSeal here on our company’s web site, at select local retailers or click to purchase on our eBay  site.
Q. Do you offer wholesale pricing for larger orders?
A. Yes, we offer wholesale pricing for larger orders. If you would like to inquire about wholesale pricing, please complete our Wholesale Inquiry Form or contact Ron at